Well, yes, it is a bit of an overindulgence but who are we to judge?


Rumour has it that there was once a person, who'd split the twenty-four flavours and eat one on top of each hour. We pitty the one. These are maent to bring pleasure in troves not in moderation. These twenty four don't bring musicians in your room –– they transport you smack in the middle of the orchestra pit where cymbals and valthorns and oboes and bassons mingle together and caress your ear.

The Jubilee

  • NEW: (19) Caramelised white chocolate, Bourbon, Dates, (20) Tangerine and cloves, (21) Cashew, (22) Juniper Berries, (23) Cinnamon, (24) Rum and Oranges;

    ORIGINAL: (1) Vanilla, (2) Caramel, (3) Strawberries and Champagne, (4) Coffee and White Chocolate, (5) Almonds, (6) Peanuts, (7) Raspberry and Rose, (8) Heavy Cream, (9) Passion Fruit, (10) Hazelnuts, (11) Pistachio, (12) Double Apricot, (13) Yoghurt, Honey and Walnuts, (14) Yuzu, (15) Lemon and Cardamom, (16) Tonka Beans, (17) Pecan, (18) Rose Geranium.

    Please view the Pralines section for more details on individual flavours.