An indulgence in the world of La Fēve.


Millions of years of evolution, the rise and fall of civilisation after civilisation, it all boils down to this. These eighteen flavours show the whole range of La Fēve and provide a soundtrack to life. The conversation between flavours feels like an intricate symphony delivered by a skilful orchestra led by a gifted conductor.

The Honeymoon

  • (1) Vanilla, (2) Caramel, (3) Strawberries and Champagne, (4) Coffee and White Chocolate, (5) Almonds, (6) Peanuts, (7) Raspberry and Rose, (8) Heavy Cream, (9) Passion Fruit, (10) Hazelnuts, (11) Pistachio, (12) Double Apricot, (13) Yoghurt, Honey and Walnuts, (14) Yuzu, (15) Lemon and Cardamom, (16) Tonka Beans, (17) Pecan, (18) Rose Geranium.

    Please view the Pralines section for more details on individual flavours.