There are words and there is wisdom.

There are words and there is statement.

There are words and there is achievment.


This box is the latter.


You know us by now -- at La Fève we like unequivocal things. This double feature features a bottle of proper chamagne, and is the culmination of our midnight attention to detail and neverending quest for wonder. As far as an "artist statement" is conserned, here it is -- 'better gets better all the time".

The Heritage

  • A bottle of excuisite Taittinger Reserve chamapagne plus a double dose of each of the following:

    (1) Vanilla, (2) Caramel, (3) Strawberries and Champagne, (4) Coffee and White Chocolate, (5) Almonds, (6) Peanuts, (7) Raspberry and Rose, (8) Heavy Cream, (9) Passion Fruit, (10) Hazelnuts, (11) Pistachio, (12) Double Apricot, (13) Yoghurt, Honey and Walnuts, (14) Yuzu, (15) Lemon and Cardamom, (16) Tonka Beans, (17) Pecan, (18) Rose Geranium, (19) Caramelised white chocolate, Bourbon, Dates, (20) Tangerine and cloves, (21) Cashew, (22) Juniper Berries, (23) Cinnamon, (24) Rum and Oranges;

    Please view the Pralines section for more details on individual flavours.